Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Ain't Pretty, but it's Homemade!

Believe it or not, I've never made a homemade apple pie.  I just didn't grow up with apple pie being a regular in my Mom's repertoire.  Interestingly, I've always been drawn to apple pie and I read the recipes all the time.  So, when Viv and I picked all those beautiful "Blushing Gold" apples from Hendersonville, I decided now is the time!

So, I went for it today.  First, let me make a confession.  I'm a decent baker, but I have always had trouble with dough/crust/pastry.  From pizza dough to pie crust.  Everytime I turn around I have a magazine or Ina Garten telling me how easy it is to do a crust from scratch, and I believe them, but when I try,well, it is anything but easy for  me.  

Nonetheless, I decided I'd try once again today with the crust and I was gonna go all the way to the actual elusive apple pie.  Long story short, I had crust issues, but I managed to hammer it out and create a pie.  Maybe I pulsed too long in the food processor? I don't freakin' know...

So, it's been baked, the house smells wonderful and Neil says it looks great.  In fact, what he actually said was, and I quote, "Wow, baby, that looks like a real "old lady at church" kinda pie." It's cooling and setting up now.  We'll know later tonight how it turned out!

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