Thursday, October 28, 2010

How my Husband has Influenced the Columbia Restaurant Scene

Today's deal on Groupon is for Za's.  It's a half off certificate.  50% off anything gets my pulse rate up!

Like trivia?  Here's a true story about Za's. We've been going to Za's since it opened.  I can't even remember how long that's been...10, 12 years maybe?  We had a favorite waitress named Lisa, who we always requested.  She would always indulge me and go to the kitchen to have them 'doctor up' a dish for me when I wanted to place  a "When Harry met Sally" kind of order.  They always had great specials: one of which was the smoked salmon pizza.  Neil loved it so much, that the kitchen would make it for him even when it wasn't on the specials menu.  

Well, one night, the manager came to our table to let us know they were revamping and getting ready to print a new menu.  And guess what they added as a permanent item?  That's right, Neil's smoked salmon Za (as I like to call it.)  It's still on their menu today.  They still keep forgetting to print "Neil's" in front of the name of the pizza, but we all know it's his.  If you like smoked salmon but haven't tried this, you owe it to yourself.  It's got a creamy smoked gouda understory, delicious capers, garlic, red onion and of course the salmon. 

Another little known piece of trivia involving Neil relates to Dano's Pizza.  (Hmmm, pizza, I'm seeing a pattern here)  When Dano's first opened, we stopped by to check it out.  Neil asked the owner, Dan, if he could make a stromboli, but make the filling Philly Cheesesteak, instead of the usual Italian-type filling.  Dan looked a little unnerved by this flavor proposal, but he agreed to make it.  Well, guess what?  That's right, it's on their menu!  Who knew Neil could wield such power over the restaurateurs of Columbia? 

Thank you, I'll be here all week! Don't forget to tip your server!
So, I guess the logical conclusion would be this:  if you have a favorite restaurant and you'd like something new added to their menu, have Neil accompany you and he will perform his restaurant Mind-Meld and make it so.  Tips are appreciated!

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