Monday, October 4, 2010

GROUPON has finally come to town!

Yippee! Groupon is here at last! I've been seeing their deals posted on Southern Savers, but the closest city to us was Charlotte. The way it works is they post a "deal of the day" each morning. There is a minimum number of people that have to respond to it. If the minimum is met, then the groupon is available for everyone to purchase. This sounds confusing, so let's use today's real life example:

Groupon's Columbia debut was today with Mr. Friendly's. They offered a 1/2 price gift certificate. Pay $15 for a certificate good for a $30 tab. The minimum was 20. So, as long as 20 people were willing to buy it, then so be it. If not, the gift certificate would not be available to anyone. Well, they hit 20 alright...if fact, they "SOLD OUT" at 765! Unbelievable showing for Columbia! I'm sure we impressed them with that kind of debut traffic.

If you want to subscribe, click this link and just sign up. Using this "referral link" from me will get me a nice little $10 kick-back; I'm sure you won't mind. Then, you'll receive the email each day with Columbia's "Deal of the Day." It's very cool. And, it's all kind of businesses. Restaurants, movie theatres, arts venues, sporting events, it could be anything. You'll also notice on their site that you can suggest businesses. We all need to get on there and recommend our favorites places, then more deals for us in the future. Everybody wins!

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