Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Snack Bag

So, today I'm at work and Neil has two days at the track this weekend (motorcycle racing). My dear, sweet parents decided to take Vivian to the Aquarium in Charleston today. The excitement began building yesterday.

First, she had to pack a suitcase. Of course, Charleston's only 2 hours away and they're coming back this afternoon, but she packed about 17 T-shirts, 23 pairs of pants, 1 stuffed unicorn, 2 books and 3 videos. It was quite heavy, but she managed to lug it to the front door last night, you know, so we wouldn't forget it this morning. Then came "The Snack Bag." Did you just hear that Dunt Dunt Duhhhh music?

She found a bright yellow nylon zippered bag and began packing up provisions for this LOOONG road trip. Here's what the Snack Bag contained: 1 of my good spoons (I switched it out for a plastic one when she wasn't looking), 1 Fiber One strawberry yogurt, 1 leftover fish stick, 1 unwrapped slice of turkey, 1 unwrapped slice of American cheese and 1 bottle of water. I couldn't stand it; I had to put the turkey & cheese in a ziploc when she wasn't looking. And, I took the liberty of adding some trail mix. Seems like a Snack Bag is just supposed to have that. Plus, everyone knows that nothing goes better with a leftover fish stick than trail mix, right?

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